Tj Cichecki

Live-streaming from the End of the World

We’ve been doing a lot of experimenting with live-streaming and online events. After the shutdown, we started looking more into it and seeing if we could quickly ramp up a broadcasting station from the studio. We are currently not doing any photo or video shoots so we did some research and saw if we could...

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5 Type Trends for 2020

It’s that time of year when we are bombarded with year-end wrap-ups and trend predictions for the year to come. So, we figured we’d get in on the fun. We predict that 2020 is going to go down as a year of influence, focusing on strong type through new iterations of centuries-old techniques and new...

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Summer Fridays: Remote Work Gear

As waves of tourists start to take over the capital, we start prepping for Summer Fridays and any way to get out of town quick. We love our vacation days, but sometimes we find ourselves wanting to stay plugged in while we’re away. Pro tip: Schedule 90 minutes of work early morning to get caught...

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Mood: Variable Typography

We’re excited about the rise and adoption of variable width typography. A revival of classic typography has been steadily seeping into web design which feels like we’ve entered a new era of digital type exploration and experimentation. The new(ish) focus on typography is shifting the usual visual trickery in digital marketing and refining it into...

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Travelogue: European Ephemera

In recent years traveling, my wife and I have focused on packing light and resisting the urge to collect every cute tchotchke along the way. We try to travel only with backpacks to reduce transport times as well as physical and mental strain on our (sometimes long) travel days. While I rarely bring home physical...

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