Summer Fridays: Remote Work Gear

As waves of tourists start to take over the capital, we start prepping for Summer Fridays and any way to get out of town quick. We love our vacation days, but sometimes we find ourselves wanting to stay plugged in while we’re away. Pro tip: Schedule 90 minutes of work early morning to get caught up for the day before signing off. Vacation life balance?

While we’re working remote, there are a handful of essentials we can’t live without. Check out our roundup of items for both personal and agency life.

Nexstand Laptop Stand

This little laptop stand is collapsible and takes up almost no space in your bag. Use it with a wireless keyboard and mouse and you’re ready to put in a solid days work—even if that work with a Mai-Tai, beachside in Fiji.

Portable Charger

A portable charger (or two) can be a lifesaver, especially when traveling internationally. Let it charge overnight when not in use and you’ll be able to keep your devices charged all day. The dual port allows you to share power with your travel buddy.
Another power tip: Bring a power strip and be an airport outlet hero. Sharing is caring! 

eBags Professional Weekender

The weekender backpack opens like a suitcase, compresses well, fits a TON of stuff, and you never have to deal with rolling it around on filthy streets.

Scott’s Cheap Flight

Get email alerts about cheap flights departing from your favorite airports. $49/year membership. While this isnt travel gear, this is a travel essential. Scotts Cheap Flights sends email alerts for cheap flights departing from your favorite departure point. We’ve flown multiple round-trips to both Europe and South America from D.C. for under $300 (USD). It’s cheaper to fly to Amsterdam than it is to Chicago? Sign me up! 

Krisp – Background Noise Cancelling App

This thing works like magic! Mute Background Noise During Calls With Krisp. Speak and listen without noise, it’s as simple as that!

Happy travels!