Workhorse is an independent design & branding agency with offices in Washington, DC and Charleston, SC


Do they want the Workhorse, or the show pony?

The Workhorse Branding Manifesto.

Nothing is real. Everything is real.

​​Be intentional in what you create because reality is subjective.

The world is a stage and we are performers.

Showing up is not enough, you need to show out.

We create culture.

​​Your legacy will either be built upon or forgotten. Don't be forgotten.

Simple is smart.

You don't need big words or elaborate descriptions to communicate and execute big ideas.

Nobody cares until everyone cares.

​​Be who you want to be seen as; someone is always taking note.

Good design always matters.

​​Design isn't just icing on the cake—it empowers transformation.


Who we are.

Purpose-driven & creatively inspired.

We like to say our team is more than a “band of creatives.” Like a lot of other groups, we bring our personal styles and life experiences to every project—but it’s really our collective skills and combined experience that set us apart. Ultimately, our personality makes work something we look forward to—and purpose is what makes our work memorable.

Tj Cichecki

Partner, Creative Director


Margaret Wedgwood

Project Manager

Dan Flounders


Abe Garcia

Partner, Strategy and Technology Director

Why work with us?

We define and build brands, execute campaigns, and activate communities. In other words, we help good businesses do better. Our solutions to challenges are always unique and always honest.


Working from our 1902 Capitol Hill Carriage House.

The Workhorse studio and workshop.

Located just south of Massachusetts Ave, the studio is housed in the historic 1855 W. Walter’s Son Carriage Manufacturing building— one of a few remaining horse carriage production buildings in the city. Craftsmen constructed horse carriages that powered Washington, DC for over 100 years. We’ve grown into our studio over the last few years, starting as a one man desk in an unfinished carriage house to a two floor operation including a full working studio. Now we’re here, continuing the tradition of craft.