Live-streaming from the End of the World

We’ve been doing a lot of experimenting with live-streaming and online events. After the shutdown, we started looking more into it and seeing if we could quickly ramp up a broadcasting station from the studio. We are currently not doing any photo or video shoots so we did some research and saw if we could retrofit some of our production equipment and begin our own pirate station. The following is a list of gear, tools, and things we are currently looking into as we prep for our design studio at the end of the world.


OBS Studio

OBS Studio is a free and open-source software suite for recording and live streaming. It is widely used and supported by a healthy ecosystem of plugins. Also, did I mention free? Meaning you could get familiarized with one of the standard programs with zero investment other than time.
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Reastream is a multistreaming service that lets you simulatenousy stream to various platforms. Useful for those may have a dedicated audience on one service but are trying to spread your message as far as possible.
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Another Open Broadcast System that is gaining popularity. Pretty similar to OBS Studio but with freemium features. Worth a look if the interface of OBS Studio is overwhelming or confusing.
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StreamYard is an in-browser live streaming studio. Their main sell is that they make it easy to bring in other people for things such as interviews and makes marketing and engagement simple.
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We are still very much experimenting with hardware. You can start off very simple with a webcam and a few hookups and you can very quickly get into full-on broadcasting territory. We have modified a few things from our photoshoots and our current setup includes a Macbook Pro, Logitech C920, Blue Yeti Mic, and we are currently working on getting our Sony a7iii to work for live video stream.

Be on the lookout for more streaming or recorded content from us as we get our setup together!

Here is a list of hardware you can check out to take your live streams, webinars, or videos to the next level.

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