Branding and the Truth

“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.”
– Buddha

In the process of revising the Workhorse website, we’ve been doing some introspection on what it is we do around here. We are a design studio, so we design—of course! We are a branding studio, but what is that, exactly? We make logos, yes. We create brand guidelines, yep! We even make excellent websites where this brand hangs out and thrives. But, the real value we provide is we make people’s ideas into reality. We name them, give them a face, and give them a voice. We put legs on them and let them run. To do this successfully, we need to look for something often challenging to find: the truth.

Some people call it the heart of the matter, the core, the “brand promise.” In other words, the truth. We need to find the truth because authenticity has to be a brand’s departure point, or it will never be the destination. Having a brand based on this truth is freeing because it lets the brand be what it always was. It is an idea that has become a reality, and it exists as if it always has been. It’s a brand, and now it not only exists in this world, but it also belongs in it.

The truth will either guide you or consume you. Don’t hide from it and don’t play coy with it. Embrace it and let it light your way.