Dan’s Headspace

Interning with the Workhorse team this summer has been an awesome experience. As a design and printmaking student at Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA)

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Working Remotely

It’s been interesting to see people that have never worked remotely be thrust into remote work all of a sudden because of the current health

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Travelogue: Copenhagen

A few weeks ago my wife and I traveled to Copenhagen, Denmark’s capital. A modern city famous for bicycles, new Nordic cuisine, and world-class culture.

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Studio: Studio Photography

We often find ourselves knee deep in content creation, which means we’re always thinking of ways to improve our production process. How do you streamline

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Travelogue: Merida and the Yucatan Coast

Growing up, my family made a few trips to Mexico, mainly to Mexico City, where our relatives lived. This meant we never really got the chance to explore other parts of the country. So, when my cousin got married last month in Merida on the western side of the Yucatan Peninsula, we were excited to have an opportunity to not only visit with family but to also get to know a new part of Mexico.

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Last month, Michelle brewed her first successful batch of homemade kombucha, which tasted surprisingly similar to the store-bought version. So she’s taken to the Workhorse blog to preach her booch sermon and convince us all to join her.

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