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Drawing, Printmaking, and Making Peace

Art Practice Outside The Studio Workhorse is a multidisciplinary studio we all have our own interests outside of design. I’ve been keeping up with his practice in printmaking outside of the office place working at institutions like Current Space, John Hopkins Islamic Society, and Pyramid Atlantic. Drawing should be meditative and not draining it doesn’t always have...

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Dan’s Headspace

Interning with the Workhorse team this summer has been an awesome experience. As a design and printmaking student at Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) entering my senior year, my focus has been on identity systems, typography, publication design, and illustration. I’ve learned a lot this summer with Workhorse and am excited to incorporate new...

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Live-streaming from the End of the World

We’ve been doing a lot of experimenting with live-streaming and online events. After the shutdown, we started looking more into it and seeing if we could quickly ramp up a broadcasting station from the studio. We are currently not doing any photo or video shoots so we did some research and saw if we could...

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Working Remotely

It’s been interesting to see people that have never worked remotely be thrust into remote work all of a sudden because of the current health situation. I’ve been remote since 2016 and I can say, for sure, that it is not the same as working in-person. However, with some trial and error, we’ve found success,...

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Travelogue: Copenhagen

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Studio: Studio Photography

We often find ourselves knee deep in content creation, which means we’re always thinking of ways to improve our production process. How do you streamline the workflow while maintaining a high-quality product? For our last in-house shoot, we took our first shot at shooting 100% tethered. Tethered shooting allows us to connect the camera directly...

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Travelogue: European Ephemera

In recent years traveling, my wife and I have focused on packing light and resisting the urge to collect every cute tchotchke along the way. We try to travel only with backpacks to reduce transport times as well as physical and mental strain on our (sometimes long) travel days. While I rarely bring home physical...

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Last month, Michelle brewed her first successful batch of homemade kombucha, which tasted surprisingly similar to the store-bought version. So she's taken to the Workhorse blog to preach her booch sermon and convince us all to join her.

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