Travelogue: European Ephemera

In recent years traveling, my wife and I have focused on packing light and resisting the urge to collect every cute tchotchke along the way. We try to travel only…

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Last month, Michelle brewed her first successful batch of homemade kombucha, which tasted surprisingly similar to the store-bought version. So she’s taken to the Workhorse blog to preach her booch sermon and convince us all to join her.

Recent Work: Ideal State.

We’re wrapping up our work with Ideal State, formerly Atascadero, a knowledge management consulting firm that partners with companies working toward social change. In their own words, “Ideal State helps…

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recent work: makers meals summer supper.

well, we made it through another successful evening of makers meals! this meal was a particularly dreamy evening given our truly magical outdoor location at wollam gardens flower farm. we gathered…

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work we like: powered by pride.

as the country celebrates pride month, we are really into equinox gym’s engagement of this celebration with their powered by pride campaign. through art activations, engagement philanthropy, and community partnerships, equinox…

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mood: communal.

as ashleigh and julia gear up for the next edition of makers meals, we thought we would take a look at what community meals mean to us. the food, the music,…

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