Recent Work: DC/DOX

In 2022, we teamed up with DC film festival luminaries Sky Sitney and Jamie Shor to create an identity for a new film festival. This festival is all about celebrating documentary films, and it is deeply rooted in DC. 

They kicked things off with a one-day event that marked the launch of a brand and announced to the world that DC/DOX was here!

Since last year’s event, we’ve been working with the fantastic team at DC/DOX to breathe life into the brand.

The new festival fills a void left by AFI Docs, the celebrated documentary showcase that began as Silverdocs at the American Film Institute’s Silver Spring theater in 2003. Sitney, who directs the Film and Media Studies program at Georgetown University, helmed AFI Docs for nearly a decade. In 2022, the documentary festival merged with the film institute’s Los Angeles-based AFI Fest, shutting down a central part of Washington’s film scene.

DC is a crucial venue for documentary films, Sitney and festival co-founder Jamie Shor agree, because of the large number of journalists, politicians, advocates, and activists who are many of the festival attendees. When documentary producers come here, they find an informed audience able to boost and respond to their work.

“People come to DC to marshal their forces,” Shor says. “What we represent here are amplifiers. People who can shout from the rooftops: ‘this is a valuable and important piece of art that you should pay attention to.’ ”

Come out to a few screenings and parties, celebrate film, and discover some of the city’s hidden gems, cool spots, and historic hideaways. It’s a great way to explore our city and culture yourself up a bit.

Not sure what to watch, The City Paper has an excellent DC/DOX film guide.

There is much more to tell, but for now, buy ticketswatch some films, and check out some of the cool stuff our friends and us made: