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July 2018

Work We Like: KFC x Super Deluxe

  If you can’t tell, we’re big fans of work that pushes the limits of conventional creativity. A brand that has been doing their damndest to shatter those conventions lately? KFC. From casting Reba McEntire as the Colonel him(/her/their-)self, to swapping their acronym to read ‘FCK’ in a PR stunt that earned them immediate forgiveness...

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Recent Work: Brand Identity Workshops

As businesses evolve out of the early-stage, their brands need to evolve, too—and it’s not uncommon to get stuck at this part of the process. Businesses know they need to adapt and evolve, but they really aren’t sure where to begin—or what improvement could and should look like for them. Enter Workhorse. In a recent...

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Mood: Grocery Cult(ure)—A Trader Joe’s Takeover.

If you’re like us, Trader Joe’s is a forever mood. For many, grocery stores can seem like a dime a dozen—except Trader Joe’s, the oddball grocery store that’s developed something of a cult following, especially in the world of Content™. We’ve never seen so many blogs, podcasts, and Twitter accounts dedicated to something as innocuous as...

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