Recent Work: Brand Identity Workshops

As businesses evolve out of the early-stage, their brands need to evolve, too—and it’s not uncommon to get stuck at this part of the process. Businesses know they need to adapt and evolve, but they really aren’t sure where to begin—or what improvement could and should look like for them. Enter Workhorse.

In a recent workshop with the executive team from Call Tracking Metrics, a digital software company, we offered a series of intensive sessions, built around the concepts of design thinking and collaborative mapping, to dig into the details of their business. We also completed a brand and competitive landscape audit and a presentation of our findings and recommendations. Our workshop strategy was divided into three sections:

What’s the What?

Understanding the business behind the brand.

What is your brand doing now, and how do you need that to change, logistically? We take a close look into the ins and outs of your brand, what’s been working, and what hasn’t. Full team investment is crucial to the success of this session.

Us & Them

Examining your brand and your competition.

How does your brand stack up in against other players in your industry? Who are your competitors? What do they look like, sound like, etc.? And the million-dollar question: what makes you special? We love this session because it really reveals the different ways your team evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of both your brand and your industry.

Say It Loud

Decoding what you’re saying now, and what you’ll say in the future.

How are you communicating with your audience and building relationships over time? How does this fit into your brand strategy?

See the workbook we designed and distributed to all participants below:


We brought the full executive team on board for this workshop, which allowed all members to buy into the rebrand process as a necessary investment. What they left with? Full alignment with both the team and c-suite around their vision for the future of the brand, as well as a clear plan for how to execute on it. Our external input provided an extra layer of validation for their existing thoughts around opportunity areas, current weaknesses, as well as their creative new ideas.

Based on our final recommendations, they can now better plan for the investment required for a full rebrand. They know what’s needed, and when it will make the most sense for the rebrand to roll out. They will also be able to strategically plan for the rebrand across departments and with a clear timeline for execution in place. And, more importantly, they’ll be better prepared to allocate the budget needed to get their desired outcome. To us, that’s the best possible place to begin a project like this one, and we are always looking for projects that place us at the very beginning of the process, before the branding work actually begins.

So, with that said, if you’re reaching a new stage in your business and wondering—”where do we go from here?”—we can be the team that helps you figure that out.


Check out some highlights from our workshop and let us know if you’d like to partner up.

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