Web Design

Ideal State

Branding Exploration Our exploration of their mission and brand values identified something important— a desire to shake things up. In a space full of stagnant, often frustrating “knowledge management” issues, Ideal State is rethinking the meaning of “institutional knowledge” and applying new solutions to age-old problems. Ideal State uses a human-centric, design thinking strategic model...

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Class, Character, and Charm Faison is a longtime real estate powerhouse in the nation’s capital, formerly known as Real Estate in DC. In late 2019, we worked with the team to help rebrand their company and create a dynamic website that properly let them showcase the one-of-a-kind properties they sell. Tom Faison, the founder of...

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Investigative Film Festival

Establishing an Identity for an Emergent and Pertinent Film Festival Direct collaboration with festival founders forged a brand identity marked by authenticity and cultural significance. Double Exposure, a project of the investigative news organization 100Reporters, celebrates the finest new films inspired by the investigative instinct. It combines film screenings for the public with a professional symposium...

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