Brand Strategy

Grubb’s Pharmacy

Revitalizing the Grubb’s Pharmacy brand. When it comes to a neighborhood-focused family-owned compounding pharmacy, there weren’t a lot of comparisons or aspirational brands. Because faceless big-box chains with no focus on community have replaced...

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Ideal State

Branding Exploration Our exploration of their mission and brand values identified something important— a desire to shake things up. In a space full of stagnant, often frustrating “knowledge management” issues, Ideal State is rethinking...

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Literacy Lab

Background The Literacy Lab is a non-profit organizations whose mission is to provide low-income children with individualized reading instruction to improve their literacy skills. We worked closely with the co-founders to create a new...

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Background Enat is a modern leather product line that uses locally sourced materials and partners with local craftsman in Ethiopia. We worked with the company’s founders to create a brand that reflected the craftsmanship...

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