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Grubb’s Pharmacy

Revitalizing the Grubb's Pharmacy brand.

When it comes to a neighborhood-focused family-owned compounding pharmacy, there weren’t a lot of comparisons or aspirational brands. Because faceless big-box chains with no focus on community have replaced many local pharmacies, we had an excellent opportunity to create a brand that showcased the personality of the oldest family-owned pharmacy in the nation’s capital.

Looking back on 100+ years of Grubb's history

Our design research began with looking at the early 20th century pharmacies from DC and across the region. We also studied classic apothecary typography, packaging, and language. The brand that emerged not only focused on surface-level nostalgia but connected directly with the history of the 150-year-old Capitol Hill institution.

Building a brand that lasts another 100+ years

Trends are temporary—tradition is forever. Workhorse honored Grubb’s by building a brand based on its legacy. Their focus on community care, connections, and compassion led us to an identity that will continue to connect with the city and the Capitol Hill community for many decades to come. 
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