Studio: Studio Photography

We often find ourselves knee deep in content creation, which means we’re always thinking of ways to improve our production process. How do you streamline the workflow while maintaining a high-quality product?

For our last in-house shoot, we took our first shot at shooting 100% tethered. Tethered shooting allows us to connect the camera directly to our computer for an instant monitor view. That way we can review images as they are captured, matching them against the shot list instantly. This also ensures that we get the exact shot we need. Which, in turn, saves time on the post-production end, with less file sorting and photo editing required. The result: less time, less cost, and more consistent and higher quality work across the board, keeping clients and designers happy.

We’re always doing new things and looking to grow. Are you a studio photographer or content creator in DC? Are you a new client in need of quality content? Drop us a line and let’s talk shop! 

PS: We’re also looking for two summer interns in our DC office. If you or anyone you know is interested in content design and production, hit us up – hello@wrkhrs.co