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Epic Curing

Smoke Meat Everyday

Defining a brand for delicious meats

Epic Curing is a meat curing company located in Washington, DC. When they came to us, they were in the early stages of their business and needed help introducing their selection of delicious cured meats to the world. We teamed up to design their brand and layout a digital marketing plan of attack.

Putting Meat on the Bones

Telling the right story

Bringing a new brand to life always comes with its own set of challenges. For Epic, their biggest challenge was finding a way to stand out against the new era of artisan meats both figuratively through their positioning, and literally with their packaging on store shelves. Meanwhile, keeping in mind that all of this had to be executed in a way that felt unique and genuine to the core of the brand.

Meet the Meats

Competing in a crowded field

First we started by conducting a comprehensive survey of the packaged meat landscape to see how existing brands were positioning their products. Once we had a firm grasp of the competitive landscape, we worked with Epic to identify their mission, vision, and brand message. After outlining their brand strategy, their visual identity was created. From there we developed a marketing plan to get their new brand in front of their audience, with a strong focus on social media.

DC Proud

Taking the city by storm

A citywide brand launch in DC gave them the foundation of a high quality brand, providing them the credibility to get in stores, make early sales, and develop their product line.

One part of a killer digital strategy? Knowing when to take things offline. We worked with Epic to launch a string of summer pop-ups by partnering with bars, breweries, and distilleries all over D.C. This Epic End of Summer series, got Epic (and their tasty meats) directly in front of their audience and gave them the space to form meaningful, first-time interactions with the brand.