Mood: summer.

There’s something particularly classic and nostalgic about summer that gets our gears turning—the bold, warmth of these colors mixed with wild, naturally occurring patterns and textures that’s really inspiring a lot of our palettes...

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mood: 100% human.

We kicked off 2018 with work on a new campaign focused on celebrating female friendship. Fun, right? That discovery process gave way to one simple ethos: don’t over-simplify your audience! It’s easy to fall...

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mood: surreal.

3D has been making huge waves in the design world— and now, it’s gaining rapid momentum with product-related content. Not to sound trite, but with 3D, the possibilities really do seem endless, and we’re...

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mood: k beauty.

If you’re in the business of keeping up with trends, K Beauty is one that you can’t afford to ignore. One can barely delve into the ever-changing world of beauty and skin care without...

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mood: saudades.

#saudades: a uniquely brazilian word, with no literal translation in any other language— pronounced sah-oo-dah-jees— used describe a feeling of longing and nostalgia. having all just returned from world travels, we’re feelin’ saudades for days. when you...

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mood: fired up.

#firedup: when words don’t do your mood justice. everyone’s brains work differently. words conjure different sentiments and images for each of us. though we typically use mood boards as a branding & design exercise for...

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