Social Campaign Design

Priori Naturals Launch Campaign

Clean Beauty

A science based, professional-grade skincare brand goes all-natural.

More and more consumers are looking for beauty and skincare products with natural ingredients. Priori recognized the growing demand for these products and saw an opportunity to expand the reach of their product offerings and respond to customer needs. On the heels of our campaign design work for Priori’s sunscreen launch, they returned to us to design a campaign to launch this new line, Priori Naturals.

Redefining Natural

Natural But Not Typical

Our primary challenge was to design a campaign that didn’t follow the same softly lit, neutrally toned, “slow movement” style that other organic or botanical brands tend to use. We wanted this campaign to feel fresh and to highlight the different product ingredients. Ultimately, we really wanted to retain a feeling of luxury with this campaign, so we went with a direction that emphasized “clean” and “soothing” messaging over “organic.”

More Real Than Real

Using 3D to Create Organic Energy

We wanted the campaign to evoke a sense of vibrancy and energy and to highlight the different ingredients in a way that felt elevated and dramatic. To do this, we worked with 3D design to build a brighter, more dramatic visual style. “Energy” was a word the client kept coming back to, so we drew our inspiration from the energy of organic shapes and movements that occur in nature.

01 Creative Direction

Clean Ingredients

Powerful Results

Rendering the natural ingredients in 3D allowed us to manipulate each element and punch up the sharpness so that we could achieve an elevated and “potent” feel. This visual style allowed us to stay in line with Priori’s brand while bringing in an exciting and natural component.

We were able to create a visual style that felt sharp, vibrant, and most importantly, #clean.

01 Creative Direction

02 Community Activation

Get the People Talkin’


To add a layer of buzz to this campaign, we launched an influencer campaign to support the launch, and worked with macro and micro influencers from across the beauty space to create original content and get their followers excited to try Priori’s new line.