Work We Like: The Lily

In case you weren’t following along, The Washington Post announced they would revive the The Lily, the first women-focused publication, originally issued from 1849 until 1853. The 2017 re-launch is positioned as “a new publication for millennial women that spotlights The Post’s award-winning journalism on distributed platforms using custom visuals and bold imagery.” The Post relaunched The Lily with a new website, a weekly newsletter called Lily Lines, and a social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Medium.

A post shared by The Lily (@thelilynews) on

A post shared by The Lily (@thelilynews) on

We find ourselves coming back to The Lily as a great source of inspiration, for both its impressive visual design and excellent content curation, as well as its ability to seamlessly blend the publication’s mission with a nonpartisan representation of all American women.

As The Lily’s Editor-In-Chief Amy King states, “Our mission is two-fold: Empower with news and information and promote inclusivity by exposing diverse voices.” In an era where both local and national news is under fire for being ‘fake,’ for not telling the whole story, and for being too partisan, The Lily is saddled with the immense challenge of trying to tell women’s stories, shining a light on real, everyday news that affects different communities of women around the country. And what’s more, they’re doing it all under the name of one of the most prestigious publications in the country.

But, they’ve managed to make it work, and quite beautifully. With coverage of everything from global news in health and politics, to new music and movie releases, to sharp opinion pieces, they’ve built a strong foundation that accomplishes what they’ve set out to do— offer news that represents the perspectives and voices of all women.

Sara Wong for The Lily

The Lily’s design team has done an amazing job of creating a crisp, bold brand for The Lily online. Through their work with contributing artists and designers, they’ve integrated different visual elements into one strong, unified style that works beautifully across platforms. Check out some of our favorites below!

Representing communities is hard to do in a world that has become polarizingly partisan. We especially appreciate seeing a mainstream publication for women actually being run by women. Go, ladies! We’ll be following along.