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Love Yourself: Living, Alone, + Covid

The Workhorse team has been working virtually for some months now (for Abe, years). We seem to be flowing together as a unit pretty nicely and are lucky to still be taking on projects. We’ve been learning how to share work and talk to clients with our pets or children going crazy in the background....

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Loving Yourself: Avoiding Burnout

“Do what you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life.” You’ve heard this one before. Lots of people swear by it. But those whose whole identity is wrapped up in their work are probably the biggest spreaders of this falsehood, namely creatives. Now, don’t get me wrong—loving what you do for a...

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Dear Design Student

I’m always inspired by the enthusiasm that students have for design. As we enter a new semester, I’ve jotted down some thoughts that I think design students might find helpful. Creative inspiration is a myth Inspiration is very much like luck; it seems random and often not on your side. You need to give yourself...

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on habits.

Life is a juggling act, especially in agency life. Running a successful professional life alongside a personal, spiritual, emotional and physical life takes discipline. Sometimes it’s hard to say “I’ll do me, you do you” when personalities and projects collide. Enter “The Four Tendencies,” the brainchild of author Gretchen Rubin. She discovered four types of...

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