bring that heat or get your dream job.

it’s the dead heat of summer.

so we went for a float on a river, had some water melon & made a really dope, team collaboration of a its-hot-give-me-ice playlist.  the real news here is that we are hiring a digital marketing associate. so come join us or send someone our way. here’s our top five reasons you should get into it:

  1. you’ll never be bored. from flights to photoshoots, blog edits to brain trust strategy sessions. everyday is a challenge in the best possible way.
  2. it’s flexible. we are always up for making everyone’s life work the best way it can– sure there are the have-tos every week — but if you have an interest or passion  we want to support it.
  3. choose your own adventure. we are a small nimble, young team. grow with us & push the boundaries.
  4. get heard.  we are a very flat office, with a highly collaborative culture that designed to help make your best ideas become reality and support you taking them to the next level.
  5.  we have breakfast on mondays. it just makes mondays better. and sometimes friday afternoon adventures.