Recent Work: TETRA Campaign Design

Workhorse recently launched a new campaign for Priori, a high-end skincare brand we’ve been working with for the past year. During the course of our partnership, we worked with them to roll out a full brand refresh across channels, and this summer, we designed a campaign to launch their first new product under the new brand—TETRA.

TETRA is Priori’s first foray into suncare. As new high-end sunscreens hit the shelves, Priori brings their sunscreen to the forefront with new technology—its patented Genetic Protection Factor (GPF). Where SPF indicates general sun protection, GPF keeps your skin protected both indoors and outdoors. TETRA’s DNA enzyme complex rebuilds and nourishes your skin, and its Infrared Complex also protects you from blue light that comes from electronic devices (therefore, providing more than just sun protection). With a product as advanced as this, Priori needed a campaign concept that spoke to its power.

The Concept

For a non-traditional product, we chose a non-traditional approach to sunscreen. We designed the visuals and messaging of this campaign around the concept of infrared. Not only does TETRA protect against infrared radiation, but the visual representation of an ‘infrared view’ of the skin effectively illustrates the intense, and even harsh environment of different types of ultra-violet light.

Ultimately, we made a conscious choice to move away from casual, light-hearted images of sitting by the pool or on the beach, partially covered by an umbrella—we wanted to tap into suncare as a vital part of protecting yourself and your health.

How It All Came Together

As part of the campaign design for TETRA’s summer launch, we built an integrated content system that included a custom landing page, introductory email series, and social media campaign. Alongside our infrared concept, we crafted messaging that focused specifically on the science of TETRA’s GPF protection. We worked with existing original photography to position TETRA both as a product that integrates well into Priori’s existing skincare line, but that also can stand on its own. We created a seamless user experience across channels with support from a set of introductory emails and a launch campaign on social.

What we love about projects like this, beyond pushing ourselves to iterate on conventional ideas, is how much we learn in the process. You can now find us chilling under umbrellas and slathering ourselves with TETRA all summer long!