Recent Work: Studio Photography.

One of our biggest service offerings at Workhorse is creating killer digital content for our clients. We work diligently to churn out content on a monthly basis for clients in a variety of industries— whether it’s technical content that highlights the usability and versatility of a product, or lifestyle content that shows a brand in action, we pride ourselves on doing it all. Lately, we’ve been putting in some extra hours building out our in-house production studio, where we shoot the majority of our content for our monthly clients. And the work that’s come out of it has gotten better and better.



One project we’ve been loving recently is our work with a well-known food & nutrition brand, and have established a creative direction for them that focuses on the individual foods themselves. Our goal? To highlight different foods in a less expected way. Typically, food styling is all about natural light and extra visual elements that weave together effortlessly on a dining room table. In other words, it’s all about that aspirational look-and-feel; a dinner you want to come home to. We took the opposite approach with this brand, working with bold colors and heavy lighting to accentuate the essential nature of each food— all with the intent to get users excited about food, and educate them about the nutrition that comes along with each ingredient. And as you can see, produce has such an amazing array of unique textures, colors, and visceral elements that make it such a naturally inspiring subject to work with.

Some challenges? When you’re a small team like we are, you don’t always have the benefit of a full production crew to help get everything just so. Ultimately, sharp art direction alongside good equipment is a crucial piece of the production puzzle— even if we are presenting each item in a stark, highly stylized way, it still has to look like something you’d actually want to eat. We put in the legwork to take our production quality to the next level, and it definitely paid off; take a look at some of our favorites below and see for yourself. So who wants to come over for dinner?

Ultimately, we’re super into creating content like this, and are always looking for new people who are interested in pushing boundaries with us. Interested? Hit us up! And happy snacking, y’all.