Recent Work: Pointer.Digital

Over the summer, we were approached to create a brand for a new digital marketing agency, Pointer Digital.

While Pointer’s experience and strength lie in politics, Pointer Digital is not just a political agency. One of the challenges for this project was the need to create an identity that was trustworthy enough for a political campaign, while not pigeonholing itself to a specifically political market. The client recognized that almost everything these days is political, but just because it’s political doesn’t mean that it has to be partisan. To convey the brand’s characters, we focused on these themes: Community Connection, Collaboration, Protection, Change, and Honesty.

The name of the company was inspired by the client’s dog, a very cute German Shorthaired Pointer, and it seemed like the most obvious representation for the identity. However, after our initial design research, it became evident that centering the identity around a dog mark did not accurately reflect the agency. We focused on other ways to convey the brand’s ethos. We honed in on the dot in the name Pointer.Digital, as a point, and built an expanded system around it. The firm utilizes the .digital domain extension, so naturally, the dot became a focal point in the wordmark. The tagline “Get to the Point,” speaks to the refreshing straightforward and honest attitude that the firm brings to their projects.

Even though we pivoted the understanding of the brand, we still wanted to keep some of the company’s history, so we ended up working a simple dog mark as a secondary legacy mark, only to be used sparingly and in conjunction with other Pointer brand elements.

Pointer.Digital relaunched with their new identity this week and we’re excited to see how the agency grows.