new work: pineapple dc

if you’ve been following our newsletter (if you haven’t, it’s awesome. sign up here), you know that we love food. like, a lot. we also love supporting the people who make it and finding other cool creative women who share our interests. that’s why it’s been so fun for us to work with #pineappledc, a new informal collaborative bringing together women and food to share everything from business advice to recipes. 

we worked with pineapple to define their creative direction and mission and designed their logo. one of our favorite aspects of their brand is their online-to-offline engagement. their major focus is on in-person events. part of our goal is to make sure that collateral from those events makes it back online, engaging more people and building momentum.

we recently co-hosted a food swap and discussion with pineapple at our space. we had a great time transforming the workshop into an event space and getting to meet and explore food with some really rad women. for the event, we crafted a video that weaved together personal, community, and global narratives about food. We also designed some fresh postcards to document the event, achieving those online-offline-online goals.

check out images from the food swap and other #pineappledc events here.