looking back: grip the mat

this week we’re covering some not-so-recent, recent work. consider it a throwback tuesday.

grip the mat came to us in the very early stages of their business, as many of our clients do. while they needed the usual suite of brand collateral (logo, style guide, photography, website, pitch deck, etc.), they also needed a bottom-to-top brand consultation. they knew what they offered – roving yoga events in non-traditional spaces – but they didn’t have a clear brand identity or plan on how to best communicate with their audience.

through a collaborative branding process, grip the mat’s identity took shape. their brand celebrates inward and outward connection, and a community that values an upbeat, balanced, and bold lifestyle. our iconography mirrored the voice of the brand – inspired by the lotus pose, we crafted a logo that was distinct and iconic but with enough space around it to pair well with partner or sponsor logos. we used a color palate that matched their brand promise: bold yet approachable.


through a series of brand strategy workshops, we discussed how grip the mat’s core mission and vision could be authentically communicated across channels, including their in-person events. because we were able to work with grip the mat from the very beginning of their process, we were able to create a fully-integrated brand identity that can grow with them.

now who wants to go do some yoga?