Influencers – Boody Baby

Two years ago, our long-standing client Boody, launched a line of super-soft, adorable basics for babies. As we began building out their social presence, we needed to think of ways to create content that weren’t limited to photos of cute onesies. Our challenge was to build a space that Boody Baby followers felt personally connected to.

We had already launched our influencer marketing program for them earlier in the year, with great success. For those who are not #InTheBiz, influencer marketing is all about building relationships with, well, ‘influential’ individuals in specific online spaces (beauty, nutrition, etc.), who can help brands better reach and engage their target audiences. Our goal with Boody Baby was to tap into the online community of mothers who blog about their experiences, and share parenting tips with their readers, many of whom are parents as well. There has been some critique of their content as being highly curated and unrealistic, but there is a reason that these moms are so popular— aside from sharing content that hits home with parents all over, they’re providing an aspirational look at how to build and nurture a family. Their communities listen to them, and trust their insights.

After some time building partnerships with different bloggers, we learned that getting these moms to simply endorse Boody Baby wasn’t quite enough to keep people interested— we needed to deepen the connection. The result: Boody Baby’s #OurLittlestWonder Instagram campaign.

In our ongoing content research and monitoring, we noticed a strong emphasis on storytelling within the parenting community— mothers, particularly, who wanted to share small-but-meaningful moments that felt like definitive aspects of the parenting experience. These long, thoughtful stories were getting off-the-charts engagement, as well as building a space for other mothers to express themselves, too. Accounts like motherly and tribedemama were bridging gaps between the experiences of different mothers around the world, and empowering them through these connections. Take a look through and you’ll see how impactful they are.

So, we decided to take a different tack with our partnerships, and launched a new influencer campaign called #OurLittlestWonder— a hashtag-based online community that is all about sharing those tiny, everyday stories that really tap into the real lived experiences of parents all over the country. We began by working with influencers to kickstart these conversations— and what resulted was a beautiful ongoing dialogue of parenting stories and wisdoms, all different and unique, but all similar in their shared sentiments. Take a look below!

The best part? Parents who have begun to use the hashtag to tell stories of their own, separate of our influencer campaign. Ultimately, our goal was to build a positive emotional connection between Boody Baby and its followers— and we’ve been so proud to see it grow and grow.