Recent Work: Celebrate Divine Women Campaign

We recently kicked off work for Divine Chocolate, a global chocolate brand that distinguishes itself both by its delicious premium chocolate, as well as its unique co-operative business model— the company splits 40% of its ownership with Kuapa Kokoo, the Ghanaian farming co-op that sources all the cocoa for their chocolate. We have been producing monthly content for their instagram feed, and this month we launched Celebrate Divine Women, a gifting campaign that is focused on the power of female friendship.

Campaign Concept

The main objective of this campaign was to drive product trial— our internal challenge was to create a campaign that was less about driving sales, and more about creating a positive, emotional connection to the brand that resonates with recipients long after they’ve tried their first bar. Divine’s U.S. audience is majority women, and this campaign is an opportunity to connect them to that audience on a human level— Divine is more than just good chocolate, after all. Rather than seeing chocolate as a knee-jerk impulse purchase, or a reward after a hard day, we want to start building a more positive, realistic narrative around chocolate that is simply about enjoyment, rather than framing it as a guilty pleasure. And more importantly, we’re really going for that ‘love’ factor— we want people to love Divine the way they love chocolate.



When we thought about how we wanted to communicate this concept with readers, we identified female friendship as an emotional touchpoint that tied back to the brand’s mission in a natural way. Divine Chocolate, alongside Kuapa Kokoo, has placed a lot of initiative and emphasis on empowering women as an important part of their mission. For us, this campaign is about extending that mission into smaller, everyday acts of love and empowerment that can amount to real impact.

Most of our messaging for this campaign lives in social media, where we have just started building engagement around the hashtag #CelebrateDivineWomen. We also built a landing page for order processing— here, users can learn more about Divine, how the campaign relates back to Divine’s mission, and over time, engage with user-generated content.



The visual focus of this campaign is on the gift box— this is a fun, interactive package that allows you to pack up your own small gifts for your favorite women. We designed a set of postcards with different prompts for users to fill in about each recipient, along with mailers, custom stickers, and an extra bar for them to enjoy.

The box itself includes a set of printed materials to help inspire the gifter! We crafted messaging that allowed each participant to really own their individual narratives around friendship— with gentle prompts from us to get inspired.



Our favorite part about this campaign is the message! Celebrating women is a central aspect of Divine’s values, and the campaign’s interaction points allow the user to own the experience. We’ve really enjoyed participating in this campaign ourselves, and sending chocolates to our favorite lady friends to remind them how much we love them. If you feel so inclined, feel free to join the fun here!