Workhorse | Notes

Mood: Afrofuturism

Growing up, I listened to a lot of music that would be considered Afrofuturist. I always had a general knowledge of the subject but a current project we’re working on has us doing a deep dive into Afrofuturist art and design. We’ve pulled some moodboard images together, which includes works from Ikiri Jones, Pamela Phatsimo...

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Recent Work: Pointer.Digital

Over the summer, we were approached to create a brand for a new digital marketing agency, Pointer Digital. While Pointer’s experience and strength lie in politics, Pointer Digital is not just a political agency. One of the challenges for this project was the need to create an identity that was trustworthy enough for a political...

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First Things First 2000 Emigre

First Things First 2000 at 20

Originally released in 1964, the First Things First manifesto rallied against design’s role in consumerism and called upon designers to be more humanist in their approach to their practice. Adbusters updated the manifesto in 1999, restarting the conversation about priorities in the graphic design profession and education. First Things First 2000, signed by many influential...

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Dear Design Student

I’m always inspired by the enthusiasm that students have for design. As we enter a new semester, I’ve jotted down some thoughts that I think design students might find helpful. Creative inspiration is a myth Inspiration is very much like luck; it seems random and often not on your side. You need to give yourself...

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Case Studies

Over the years, we’ve had the pleasure to work on a lot of cool projects. Some of our favorites have been for social media campaigns to help launch new products. For each campaign, we developed the look and feel and crafted messaging and graphics for social media and web content. We’ve put together some case...

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Studio Plants

It’s no secret that we love plants, like, really LOVE them. Our office is filled with them and so are our homes. We exchange seeds and leaf clippings, share treats from our gardens, trade tips, and rant about the goddamned rats always eating all the tomatoes. We’ve learned a lot over the years, and we...

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Recent Work: Double Exposure 2019

For the third year in a row, Double Exposure’s Investigative Film Festival and Symposium asked us to develop the look and feel of this year’s festival theme: Decay. Our teams wanted to visually represent the decay and erosion that the journalistic landscape has experienced in recent years. With the rise of “fake news” and “alternative...

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24 Hours in: Baltimore

One of the best things about our studio is that we get to enjoy being in two great cities, Washington, DC and Charleston, SC. However, both cities are destinations themselves and during these long summer months, it becomes necessary to escape the tourists. As part of our Summer of Workhorse, we will be sharing a...

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