Workhorse | Notes

Coronavirus Stock Market

​​If you’re like me, you’re finding all of the news surrounding the economy pretty depressing. So I thought I’d offer you an alternate universe where the stock market is what sells terrible stock photography...

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The Future Is Now

As the world collapses around us, my thoughts regarding technology, capitalism, and design have come more into focus, so I wanted to share some interesting reads and opinions for you all to think about....

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Working Remotely

It’s been interesting to see people that have never worked remotely be thrust into remote work all of a sudden because of the current health situation. I’ve been remote since 2016 and I can...

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Mood: Rats

RATS! Here in DC, rats are always a popular topic of conversation. They are overrunning the city. They’re creepy and gross. You can’t walk down the street without seeing one (dead or alive). But...

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Mood: Holiday Fever Dream

In our studio, we love old advertising and are always looking at vintage ads as a source of inspiration. Changing cultural norms and the evolution of America’s obsession with selling trash always makes for...

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