Holiday Gift Guide – 2019

The holiday season is here! It’s time to break open the piggy bank and buy, buy, buy!!! As with our past gift guides, we like to give shoutouts to our creative crew, so lookout for a few recommendations from friends of the studio. Happy shopping!


Abe Garcia Partner, Strategy and Technology Director

Chet Baker The Legendary Riverside Albums

Chet Baker was a big inspiration when I was growing up and learning to play the trumpet. He was the embodiment of West Coast Cool and definitely left his mark on music and culture in his few years on earth. The reissue of the Riverside Albums captures Baker’s genius. The recordings highlight how prolific a musician he was but they also start to hint at trouble to come. There’s also an extra disc that features outtakes and alternate takes from the recording sessions. This would be a truly unique gift for any vinyl or jazz lover. 

Krisp – Noice Cancelling App

I love simple things that make a big difference and Krisp is just that.  I work remotely fulltime in Charleston, while the rest of the crew is in DC and our clients are all over the world. This means I’m on a lot of calls and background noise is always an issue. I discovered this great tool that cuts out all the noise and works with any conferencing system. It’s seriously been life-changing. It’s magical and you need to try it out. 

Made Made Metals – Handmade Jewelry

One of the greatest things about working in a space like Redux is that you’re around other artists and makers. It’s awesome to see all of the cool things they’re are up to. One of my favorite makers is Mad Made Metals. They make amazing handmade jewelry. Each piece is unique, high quality, and will make heads turn.

Bad Utility Supply Co.

Our friend and illustrator, Travis Pietsch has always offered amazing products featuring his unique hand-drawn style on his site. This year, he’s rebranded the shop as Bad Utility Supply Co. and it’s anything but bad. It’s actually badass. So check it out and support DC artists.

The Unordinary Vintage

Finding a vintage or antique piece of clothing or jewelry that stands out can take a lot of time if you have to go digging through piles and sorting through racks yourself. The Unordinary Vintage is a Charleston-based vintage boutique that curates amazing vintage and designer pieces. The collection spans many eras but they are all stylish and could be a great addition to someone looking to find a piece that truly stands out. 

Margaret Wedgwood Project Manager

Money Honey Clutch Bag Crochet Kit

Do you have a crafty friend who likes to learn new crafty skills? Then these Wool and the Gang kits are perfect. The Money Honey clutch kit is nice because it’s cute and simple and will definitely teach your friend a new skill.

Dahlia Tubers

Dahlias are pretty much the best flower ever and they brighten any garden. With so many varietals, in all colors, it’s difficult to choose what you want from Swan Island Dahlias. So it’s nice that they offer collections. The cut flower collection is perfect, so when they finally bloom in the summer, not only will your gardener friend think of you, they will also have beautiful flowers to gift someone else.

Custom Buttons

When I was younger, I used to collect one-inch pins from all the bands that I would go to see. I think I still have my collection somewhere. Once I got older, I decided it’d be way cooler to have my own pins made. So, now I get them made to commemorate every event in my life. They also make great gifts. I had some made of my brother last year (along with some stickers) and they were a big hit with all his friends.

Tj Cichecki Partner, Creative Director

Peak Design Capture Clip

In preparation for my recent trip to Copenhagen, I found the Peak Capture Clip. My camera with its monster 24-70 gm lens weighs about 5lbs, which makes lugging it around all day with the regular carry strap uncomfortable, if not impossible. The Capture Clip easily and securely attaches your gear to a backpack strap or a belt. It can handle up to 200lbs, which makes it a travel essential.

Variable Neutral Density (ND) Filter

This is a little bit photo nerdy but the variable neutral density filter has been a great tool to easily control the amount of light entering my lens. I’ve been using this for street photography so that I can reduce the number of settings I’m changing on the fly. The rotating built-in ring gives you continuous control of the amount of light filtration, from 2 (ND 0.6) – 8 (ND 2.4) stops. In short, there are three main uses for ND filters: 1) blur motion with slow shutter speeds, 2) further separate subjects from their background, and 3) reduce overall brightness in video that would cause overexposure.

UHS-II Memory Card

One thing that’s been difficult to wrap my head around are types of memory cards and the main differences are between them. Faster cards equal quicker save times. This allows for continuous shutter bursts and rapid shooting. The new UHS-II cards have an extra row of contacts which makes data transfer even faster. This is especially great for video. 4K footage can be recorded smoothly with no dropped frames at rates of up to 120fps.
Happy shopping, friends! Buy yourself something nice (treat yourself, buy something for a friend, and call your mother more often!