Holiday Gift Guide – 2017

The holiday season is either ‘shop-til-ya-drop’ or ‘avoid-avoid-avoid’ until Christmas Eve rolls around and you find yourself lost in a Barnes & Noble scrambling for last-minute gift cards. We’re here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be this way. Each of us has assembled our own gift guide featuring our favorite picks for the holiday season— so you can stop trying to find the #mostperfectthing, and just have a little fun. This may not be the first gift guide you’ve gotten this season, but we’re pretty sure it will be your favorite. Enjoy!

Abe Garcia Partner, Strategy and Technology Director

Google Home

One of the coolest things about being a dad is that you get to buy dumb dad gadgets. I used to clown people that bought these “smart” home speakers but then I bought one and I use it every day. It’s not a genius but this + a handful of Chromecasts, smart bulbs, a smart thermostat, and some automations with apps make you feel like a wizard.

Ryan Putnam Prints

I’ve always admired Ryan’s work. He is super prolific and his shop is full of unique, high quality and affordable prints. Check out his shop and also his Do Better shop that donates proceeds to different causes.

Zines from The Unofficial Press

Small, self published and limited edition works of design, writing, illustration, meanderings– better known as zines, are a great way to own unique, creative works of art. Quality can differ widely but if you dig around a bit it’s possible to find a one-of-a-kind gift. For the non-diggers, check out The Unofficial Press, which is a side project of Aggie Toppins, the Associate Head of the Art Department at The University of Tennessee Chattanooga.

Ash Casper Designer

Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm

Literally the best lotion on the planet. My hands have never felt so soft. I don’t usually like scented lotions, but this one is a game-changer. Gift this to your loved ones and they (and their skin) won’t stop thanking you.

Donate to The Humane Society

There are few things I love more than my puppy. When I get some extra side cash, The Humane Society is where it goes. They celebrate animals and confront cruelty—to all animals, not just dogs and cats. So it’s the perfect gift for any animal lover! It’s literally the gift that keeps on giving.

Hasami Porcelain Collection

This is a personal favorite of mine. I’ve always loved food, but now the actual plates get me pumped for dinner. This collection is the perfect blend of Japanese aesthetics and organic textures. They fit in with any design preference, they stack perfectly, and you can use the platters as lids— so it’s an essential!

Ashleigh Ferran Partner, Marketing + Brand Strategy Director

End-Grain Cutting Board

Being an avid cook myself, I always delight at new kitchen additions, but sometimes they’re only good for that one fondue party, and end up taking up valuable cabinet space. This end grain cutting board is that perfect useful addition! When it comes to cutting boards, end grain boards are worth the extra money. The wood is softer on your knives, and the structure ensures the board won’t separate and warp over time. Plus, it can live as permanent decoration right on your countertop!

Salad For President

I can’t ever have enough cookbooks. I may not always cook from them, but they are a constant source of culinary inspiration. I love Salad for President because the book interlaces stories of food with stories of artists, musicians, writers, and creators of all kinds. While the recipes are healthful, delicious, and veggie-focused, the stories provide a different type of creative inspiration that makes this book extra fun for food-focused perusing.

Tivoli – Model One Digital Radio

No cooking or entertaining experience is complete without a little music. I love this audio system because its modular design allows you to add additional components together over time, ultimately capable of turning into an entire home audio system. It syncs beautifully with your digital devices, and has great sound quality— the design is pretty sleek too.

Julia Dann Digital Marketing & Editorial Manager

Gemini Espresso Maker

Honestly, if you’re looking for good gifts, you need not look further than MOMA Design Store. They’ve got a little something for everyone, with a good mix of classic design, utility, and novelty. And when it comes to utility, there are few things more useful than caffeine.

D’Angelo and the Vanguard, Black Messiah [Vinyl]

This album isn’t exactly new, but it’s an essential, and a universal soul-healer. After the political dumpster fire this year has become, I’m thinkin’ we should all be listening to more D’Angelo. Music is all digital these days, but vinyl will always win on both quality and personal touch.

Gestalten’s Forever More: The New Tattoo

Whether you’re a tattoo collector or terrified of needles, you can’t deny that both traditional and modern tattooing have a certain ennui. This is a great visual account of both men and women tattooers who are iterating on tradition in interesting ways. File under: don’t-buy-this-for-mom

Michelle Santiago Digital Marketing & Editorial Associate

Mesh Baggu

A reusable bag may not seem very exciting but when it cuts down on waste and looks good, I’d say that makes for a pretty thoughtful gift. This bag is perfect for the friend who prioritizes aesthetic even when it comes to mundane, everyday objects. It’s the little things, ya know?

Zion Lion Knitting Kit

“Give a friend a beanie and you keep them warm for the winter. Teach a friend to knit a beanie and you’ll receive handmade beanies for a lifetime.” With instructions that are well-designed and super easy to follow, this kit is perfect for knitters of all levels.

Kinto Unitea Teapot

Watch the color seep into the water with this beautiful glass teapot by Kinto. Its minimal, yet straightforward style makes it a great gift for the avid tea drinker, but also, anyone looking for an elegant piece to add to their home.

Tj Cichecki Partner, Creative Director

Classic Folding Pocket Knife

This Iconic French pocketknife may not be as widely known as Swiss Army Knife, but it has an equally rich history. The Opinel Pocket Knife makes for a great camping knife for carving soft wood and whittling. Fun fact: Pablo Picasso was known to carry an Opinel knife and used it to sculpt his figurines.

Co2 Wine Bottle Opener

The Cork Pops Bottle opener is hands-down the most fun wine bottle opener on the market and a great gift for the wine-lover on your list. Simply insert the needle through the cork, press the button and Co2 pressure causes the cork to pop right out. Easy to use and puts on a great show, too.

‘Smart’ Home Outlet controls

Zap outlets make home automation way less complicated. A great gift for the less-than-tech-savvy, Zap outlets are wirelessly controlled outlets hard-programmed to a remote control. You press the ‘on’ button, and that outlet turns on, press the ‘off’ button and that outlet turns off. Pretty Simple.