Vote or Die!

All design is political, because all politics are designed. The world is a mess because a certain set of people designed it to be a mess. Now we need a different set of people to design our way out of it.
—Mike Monteiro

The way we see it, our commitment to caring about the future of our world lies in the ways we use our skills to increase impact and make crucial conversations more visible. Voting may be a virally popular topic, but we still think it’s one that requires as many voices as possible. So, this is us joining the conversation.

A huge part of how we can make a sizeable impact is through social engagement and shareable content. If you have a story to tell, and you tell it well, people will relate to it, and share it as a representation of themselves. The more hype you create, the bigger the impact. So today, join us in keeping voting a viral trend! Below are a series of downloadable graphics you can use to share to social—show your voting status, and encourage your buds to do the same.

Download: Revolution | Democracy Continues | Every Vote Counts
On a mobile device? Just tap the image you want to save and a pop-up will appear.

And a bonus item—you can wear it on your sleeve with our custom button packs! Plus, if you DM us your “I Voted” sticker on Instagram, we’ll send you a pack for free.

Otherwise, pick up your pack on the Side Hustle shop! See you at the polls, friends.