Starry Night Capital
Creative Brief

Timeline: October - November 2021

Starry Night Team

Partner, Starry Night Capital
Amy Wu

Collector and Curator
Vincent Van Dough

Fund Administrators, Three Arrows Capital
Su Zhu
Kyle Davies


Shared Assets – Dropbox

Link to Dropbox folder for shared assets and final deliverables.

 For access to Dropbox or other shared assets, email starrynight@wrkhrs.co

Starry night

Business Objective:

Starry Night Capital is assembling the world’s greatest NFT collection. 

Project Overview

Starry Night Capital is a unique NFT fund hoping to collect premiere NFTs and hold them for several years. The creation of Starry Night signals a paradigm shift in the cultural and social landscape for art and technology.

Project Goal

To create an identity and immediate web presence for a new NFT fund that immediately reflects its inevitable cultural importance and future legacy.

Top Three Objectives

Embrace Internet Culture

There are no NFTs without the language and culture of the internet. This identity must embrace the breeding grounds of NFTS.

Immediate Legacy

The identity created needs to reflect what people already expect from museums, galleries, and other legacy institutions while still being steeped in internet culture.

Redefining Collections

Find novel ways to think of collections and collecting. Begin to think beyond the obvious examples of virtual galleries that look like museums and museum walls with printed internet images


Project Tasks


Who is this project talking to?


Crypto and NFT Community

Being viewed as a leader in the space within the community is essential. The importance of the collection is well known, and the brand must reflect the internet legacy which the organization literally owns.


Investors and LPs

Starry Night has an opportunity to appeal to investors that are entering the NFT world by being established and having a plan that appeals to legacy institutions.

Journalists and Media

NFTs are still very new, and education and information coming from a reliable resource can help establish Starry Night as a go-to organization to introduce the general public to the world of NFTs, leading to media appearances, press mentions, and overall notoriety.


Who’s the competition?


How should we be communicating?

Starry Night Capital is a next-generation cultural institution that is fully aware of its importance and position to usher in a paradigm shift for art, culture, commerce, design, and technology. 

Adjectives that best describe the feeling or approach:


What are we trying to say?

Starry Night Capital is assembling the world’s greatest NFT collection.

What should the audience takeaways be?

Merch is not just a product with your logo on it, but part of the full brand experience.

Merch can be a one-two punch of revenue and brand awareness.

Merch can help you build and create fans of your brand

Project Milestones