Resume Place Creative Brief

Timeline: April - June 2022

Resume Place Team

Founder, President
Kathryn Troutman

Training Director
Emily Troutman

Resume Place


Resume Place started over 50 years ago, specializing in writing and designing professional federal and private-sector resumes. Over the years, and thanks to the founder’s foresight and expertise, the business has become the leading government contracting executive education expert.


Resume Place Founder, Kathryn Troutman

Telling a Proper Story

The story of Resume Place is a powerful one. They have been the leading experts in an ever-changing industry. They’ve managed to stay ahead of the curve and find ways to innovate and iterate in a space that is known to be very volatile. Most importantly, they’ve helped hundreds of people find fulfilling jobs and careers inside our federal government.


Project Objective

This successful woman and family-owned business need us to tell its story correctly. They’ve created an exciting brand by putting their personality and passion into their brand. The objective is to craft a new brand identity for Resume Place and explore opportunities to create a sub-brand or secondary brand system for the online asynchronous executive education program. Allowing for expansion as the business evolves through the next generation of growth, all while retaining the legacy brand equity built throughout the years of work.

Branding and Identity

Workhorse will design and deliver a brand identity system for The Resume Place and a sub-brand for the Ten Steps Certification program. We provide all assets in native design formats and files for required applications such as .jpg image files and various other applications for a business system.

  • The Resume Place Logo
  • Executive Education Program Logo
  • Ten Steps to a Federal Job Logo
  • Brand + Sub-brand Style and Usage Guide
  • Business system collateral (Physical and digital Letterhead, Business Card)
  • Additional brand applications found necessary during discovery


We Want to be Seen As:


The Resume Place is already authentic and unique—we just need to show it off. They literally wrote the book on this! They are the blueprint. We want to find ways to highlight their legacy and weave their origins and values into their brand.


In an industry notorious for being stuffy and boring, The Resume Place's true character is the opposite of bland. The brand should showcase its irreverence, attitude, sense of humor, and outlook that has allowed them to thrive for several decades, helping people


Being able to dominate a niche for so long is difficult, let alone consistently innovating and staying ahead of the curve in a space where regulatory changes can destroy entire sectors. A focus on the brand's commitment to innovation can help to differentiate your brand from competitors.


Who is this project talking to?

Resume Writing Services

Private Industry and Federal Employees

Could be viewed as a large range but not focusing on first-time job-seekers. Focus on those trying to change careers into federal government careers and those looking for advanced positions.

Could be Someone seeking to change careers, making ~$40K in private industry, IT people making $100+, and federal employees at GS 7 ($45K) to GS 15 ($100+).

Contracted Writing Services

Government Agencies

Resume Place has worked within this space for so long that they often know it better than government itself. The Resume Place is contracted directly by agencies to assist employees in assessing their qualifications, helping them position themselves for the next position in their careers.

The Resume Place currently has contracts with the Veteran’s Health Administration, National Cemetery Administration (VA), and the VA.

Government Training

Training Directors

The Resume Place provides half-day to multi-day training courses on Federal Resume Writing Senior Executive Service Executive Core Qualifications writing, and Interview Prep.

Agency human resources, human capital management, program managers.


Who’s the competition?

University “Executive” Programs:
Big Corporations

Fleet and Family Support/Morale Welfare Recreation, Army Community Services, Transition Readiness programs, Marine for Life


Local Unemployment Offices, Veterans Representatives

Adjectives that best describe the feeling or approach:


What are we trying to say?

The Resume Place helps people write new chapters in their story of service and commitment to America.

Project Milestones