Client/PBS Innovation Team/Project Brief

PBS Innovation Team Project Brief

Timeline: March 2021-May 2021

Client Contact

Mikey D. Centrella – Director of Product, Digital Innovation


Ulitimate Decision Makers

Ira Rubenstein, Chief Digital and Marketing Officer

Scott Nourse, Senior Vice President, Product & Innovation

Kristoffer Crosby, Director of Product, PBS Digital

Links to Key Resources

Brand Style Guide

Style guide provided by PBS Innovation Team

Shared Assets Dropbox

Folder to share documents, assets, and final deliverables


What is the project and why?

Portfolio site to share projects and products the the PBS Innovation Team has worked on. There’s currently no platform for the team to share their work.


Top Three Objectives

Showcase the research and development work of the PBS Innovation Team.

Build awareness of the PBS Innovation Team within PBS departments.

Increase collaborations with other PBS teams and partner organization.

PBS Innovation team

What do they do?

Experiment and build prototypes for new technologies to be utilized by PBS and their affiliates.


Goals and Purpose of the Project


Who is this project talking to?

Grant Donors

Need to see how their money is being utilized

Member Station Leadership + Other External Partners

Need to become aware of the Innovation Team’s work.


Who’s the competition?

Technically there is no competition but there are other analogous teams that are doing R&D. This team has a unique opportunity, in that R&D is not as well known in the non-profit media space.

What are they doing that we should be doing?

Documenting and sharing not only their work but their process. The goal of many “innovation teams” is to generate knowledge, not necessarily to create end-products. The way this is shared is with case studies, shortform writing (blogs), videos, and other ways that position the organization as thought leaders.

What should we be doing to differentiate ourselves from our competitors?

Embrace the non-profit and PBS brand. Leverage the well known characteristics and history of the organization to position your knowledge building as part of the ongoing story of PBS.


How should we be communicating?

We should be exuding confidence in our failures as successes, framing them all as building and sharing of knowledge. The PBS Innovation Team is a top-level team of experts within an organization that many believe is brimming with experts.

What adjectives describe the feeling or approach?


What are we saying with this piece?

PBS’s Innovation Team is the next logical step in the work PBS has been doing over the course of their existence–building and sharing knowledge with the public.

What should the audience takeaways be?

The PBS Innovation Team is researching, building, and utilizing the next generation of digital tools for the public good.

Project Timeline