Client/Neurogazer/Project Brief

Neurogazer Project Brief

Timeline: April 2021-October 2021

Client Contact

Christina Lee
Executive Assistant, Neurogazer USA, Inc.

Ulitimate Decision Makers

Heungyeol Lee 
CEO and Founder, Neurogazer USA, Inc.

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What is the project?

Neurogazer is officially launching their products in June and they are looking to Workhorse to create a new brand identity, marketing website, and two initial products—a designed Brain Analysis Report and user portal and dashboard.

What is the goal of this project?

Create an identity for Neurogazer and help design an initial family of products.

Top Three Objectives

Launch the brand and products on time - Announce in Early June

1,200 signups by the end of June 2022 (launching in Korea)

Aid in securing Series B Funding (September)


What do they do?

Neurogazer uses neuroscience to make the brain accessible to everyone.


Purpose of the Project


Who is this project talking to?

Education Focused Mothers

Neurogazer is targeting mothers of 10-15 year olds (3rd-8th grade). The initial launch will be in Korea, where education and services focused on education are very popular. These early adopters are already spending upwards of $2,000 per month on supplemental educational products and are consistently looking for the best and most accurate information available.

Neuroscience Community Member

Neurogazer is a new company pioneering a new and innovative way to use neuroscience to enhance everyday life. In order to build legitimacy in the field, they much gain the full support of the neuroscience community.


Who’s the competition?

While there is no direct competition to Neurogazer, there are a handful of analogous companies.

What are they doing that we should be doing?

The most direct competition offers sharable actionable information for their clients to immediately use.


How should we be communicating?

Neurogazer needs to position itself as an intelligent and trusted guide, who will be walking people through a journey into their brain.

We need to be aware that this may be the first time someone is getting to know their brain this well, and they will be looking to Neurogazer not only for data but also for guidance and interpretation.

What adjectives describe the feeling or approach?


What are we trying to say?

Neurogazer is for the curious minded.

What should the audience takeaways be?

Knowledge is power and there is nothing more valuable than knowledge of your brain.

Project Timeline