Client/Advoc8/Project Brief

+Drop Creative Brief

Timeline: April - June 2020

Client Contact

Joe Greeley
Director of Talent and Creative Culture

Carolyn Hallowell
Creative Director

Ulitimate Decision Makers

Ben Adams
Client Services and Co-founder

Links to Key Resources

Shared Assets Dropbox

Folder to share documents, assets, and final deliverables


What is the project?

Advoc8 is an experiential marketing agency.  +Drop, formerly known as MerchRaise, is their merchandising division, creating customized merchandise (unboxing) experiences.

What is the goal of this project?

 +Drop needs to stand on its own, away from Advoc8, and be more external facing. The new name and identity needs be relevant to their audience and services 5-10 years from now, as it grows and evolves.

Top Three Objectives

Communicate the advantage of curated kits.

Emphasize the seamless experience of +Drop

Help clients connect with their customers, communities, and fans


What do they do?

+Drop designs, produces, and fulfills unboxing experiences.


What are we doing?


Who is this project talking to?

Corporate and Non-Profit Customers

+Drop are uniquely positioned to add a lot of value to this customer's typical branded merch needs.

Tech Focused Milennial

This customer requires more strategy and curation, with an emphasis on being able to connect with their lifestyle and habits. This customer may also be much more wary of contemporary issues, which may affect the way they view merch in general, such as sustainability and causes.

Other Agencies

We are well positioned to add an experiential layer to many agency client projects through merch.


Who’s the competition?


How should we be communicating?

We want to get across the feeling that this is a thoughtful way to connect with your customers. We want to be seen as a “godsend” for merch.

What adjectives describe the feeling or approach?


What are we trying to say?

+DROP - Unexpected moments, unboxed

What should the audience takeaways be?

Merch is not just a product with your logo on it, but part of the full brand experience.

Merch can be a one-two punch of revenue and brand awareness.

Merch can help you build and create fans of your brand

Project Milestones