Workhorse is a creative agency located in Washington, DC.

Who We Are

We're a collective of artists, designers, and developers committed to crafting beautiful & influential brand experiences, together.

What We Do

We work to create design solutions that embody your business, connect with your audience, and set you apart from your competition. We do things a little differently.

How We Do It

We don’t just create beautiful design, we develop solutions that function beautifully. We work to quickly identify efficient solutions and design with development in mind.

We're a collective of artists, designers, and developers committed to crafting beautiful & influential brand experiences, together.

Who we are.

Our team is made of designers, developers, strategists and creative thinkers.

Together, we’ve worked to craft an independent multidisciplinary design studio. It’s our diverse and intelligent crew that sets us apart from the competition and makes our team an ideal fit for brand visionaries.

Our goal is to supply meaningful and refined design solutions. We value simplicity, good old-fashioned hard work and talent as opposed to the trendy, generic gaudiness that litters visual culture.

Tj Cichecki

Design & Creative Direction

Abe Garcia

Technical & Design Research Director

Greg Fisk

Design & Creative Strategy

Vicky Chao

Motion Designer / Preditor

Leah Beilhart

Content Creation & Visual Styling

You? Hiring Project Manager

We're actively seeking the right fit to help our clients and our own business grow. Got what it takes? Get in touch -

What we do.

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Our team builds hardworking brands that set our clients apart from their competition. Our combination of brand strategy and design thinking helps us succeed.

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We solve big problems. Through carefully considered research and strategy, we craft intelligent design systems that work across platforms and technologies.

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From initial design thinking to full campaign execution, strategy is an essential part of our overall design process.

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Our in-house team builds products using the latest technologies. We don’t just create beautiful design, we develop solutions that function beautifully.

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Content is king. Our team works to ensure copywriting is a well-considered aspect of every project. Every detail from long-form to delightful microcopy is designed.

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Problem Solving

We're creative problem solvers and always welcome a challange. Have a tough nut to crack? Get in touch and let's figure it out together.

Our values are reminders that great work doesn't happen without dedication to intelligence and a commitment to craft.

Be curious

We immerse ourselves in the unknown and love asking questions. We love to work with experts and learn new things.

Get sh*t done

If you won’t do it, no one will. Whatever it takes, get it done.

Stay smart

Our clients pay us for our experience, expertise and opinions. Our job requires more than simply pushing pixels.

Cut the crap

Minimize inefficiency—find what works best and find it quickly.

Be discerning

You can't buy taste and you can’t teach talent. We know the only way to improve is by surrounding ourselves with the best.

Work hard

Quality doesn't come quick and we don't waste our time on fluff. As we always say, any job worth doing at all, is worth doing well.

Working from our 1902 Capitol Hill Carriage House.

Our Workspace, three years in the making

Our studio, has been home to artists for the last 30 years. Washington, DC is a historic town and we're proud of the space we call home. Our studio, located just south of Massachusetts Ave, is housed in the historic 1855 W. Walter’s Son Carriage Manufacturing building--one of a few remaining horse carriage production buildings in the city. In our space, craftsmen constructed horse carriages that powered Washington, DC for over 100 years.

The entrance to the Workhorse studios
A handpainted sign on the Workhorse studio wall
a member of workhorse walking by the studio
a workhorse work station
inside of the workhorse studios

Why work with us?

Our collaboration network of industrty experts

We only work with the best and our clients enjoy the breadth and depth of our collective knowledge and skill.

Our commitment to quality and craft

We give a damn. Creativity and a commitment to quality shine through in all aspects of our work.

Our unique collection of talent

We don't stifle creativity--as a result our exceptional people do exceptional work. It’s our diverse, multidisciplinary and intelligent crew that sets us apart.