work we like: glossier.

even if you don’t have an in-depth knowledge of the skincare industry, chances are that if you have an instagram account, you’ve probably heard of glossier. a small beauty brand with the motto “skin first, makeup second,” glossier was built on the extensive product research organically created for well-known beauty blog into the gloss. just two years after their launch, the brand boasts over half a million followers on instagram (their principal platform), and a customer base so loyal they’re willing to wear the brand emblazoned on their clothes. to the trained eye (us, duh), glossier exists at the intersection of good design, highly personified branding, and a full-immersion approach to social media marketing.

  • persona: glossier does this incredibly well. they’ve managed to create an aspirational brand that feels like the big sister you always wanted— the effortless ‘cool girl.’ she doesn’t go for the full-face contoured look, but rather uses a select few products and the tip of her finger to apply her beauty routine.
  • social media as friend-to-friend marketing. in the beauty world, recommendations from friends is the one of most effective ways to build brand exposure. glossier has created a voice so rooted in an ongoing dialogue with their customers, that you feel like you’re talking to a friend. they have their blog to thank for that— but they’ve also crafted a strong and consistent voice which they continue to reinforce through their instagram. check out #glossier and you’ll see just how devoted folks are to sharing the love.
  • packaging. for young people looking to step up their skincare game, glossier’s accessible, hip branding and affordable pricing give users the effect of achieving an aspirational lifestyle without the pricetag of brands like clinique or estee lauder. pair that with a colorfully designed box with sticker sheets, and they’ve created something that is both accessible and seriously shareable.

you may notice that we didn’t talk about their actual products— truth be told, we’re not totally convinced that they’re the best thing out! but each and every one of us has our own selection of glossier items in spite of it, so you know they must be doing something right. sometimes a book isn’t as good without its cover.

as our own foray into the beauty world continues to deepen, we’ve got our eyes on beauty brands that communicate in new and exciting ways. stay tuned for new work coming down the pipeline!