work we like: older brother.

One style fits all.

older brother is a clothing line with a minimal, contemporary style and a pretty serious commitment to environmental responsibility. Their garments are all American-manufactured and consciously made with a handmade process that includes only natural dyes and fabrics, ensuring uniqueness to each item.

minimalism and environmental awareness aren’t necessarily new concepts in fashion, but Older Brother’s brand identity manages to separate itself from the pack in a few ways. american maker culture often situates the maker as the focal point of brand stories. take a look at Older brother’s blog and you’ll notice that both makers and models are actually featured quite rarely– rather, older brother positions their product in the handmade space almost as individual pieces of art– each garment tells its own story, visually. in a way, they position the model as an abstract of the maker, and in some cases, even use nature and the elements as their “flatlay.”

even with those earthy tones and a pared-down vibe, they manage to bring a playful contrast to their look and feel through their use of gifs and css animation to highlight the importance of their process. The neutral style of their art direction and clothing itself creates gender neutral pieces that are accessible to anyone. and we are all about that.

Ethical with impeccable design? Yes please.