Work We Like: MOLD

MOLD is an editorial platform about “designing the future of food,” and they’re killing it. At a time when the world is producing food perhaps faster than ever, but wasting about one-third of it, designers and problem-solvers at large are coming together to talk shop about how the industry can better understand, and better engineer, a more sustainable future for food. In their words:

“[Our] editors cover innovative ideas emerging from the world of food design and technology. From cellular agriculture to 3D food printing, entomophagy to beautifully designed tableware (and why it makes your meal taste better), MOLD spotlights the ideas that will revolutionize how we produce, prepare and eat food in the years to come.”

Divided into Object, Process, Space, Visual, and Event, MOLD reporters offer stories on everything from bio-beans fueling double-decker buses with coffee grounds, to potato skin packaging, to redesigning ramen. It’s a no-stone-unturned approach… and we’re here for all of it. Check out founder Linyee Yuan on the podcast The Food Seen below for a more in-depth conversation around the role designers can (and should) play in the global future of food.

Aside from their blog, we’re super partial to their print magazine of the same name. MOLD is a swoon-worthy bi-annual publication featuring some of the best of their work, with gorgeous visuals to boot.


You can also find them on instagram, of course, with a steady stream of visual snacks and palettes that serve as inspiration for their ongoing work.



As ever, we are rooting for the brands, businesses, and individuals who stay committed to changing the conversation about the way we think about the most essential parts of our world and culture.