an invitation to eat (our favorite kind)

we love food and we love books, so naturally, we love cookbooks. but we especially love this one. eating with the chefs, by Pers‐Anders Jorgensen, is part cookbook, part documentary, giving a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes world of some of the most coveted dining destinations – think noma, french laundry, il canto, le chateaubriand – and featuring the people and recipes that don’t usually make it out of the kitchen. all of the recipes in the book come from ‘family meals.’

for anyone who has worked in the industry, family meal is a simple part of a kitchen’s daily routine. It is usually made simply and resourcefully, prepared for the staff and served before or after service begins. having worked in the industry, family meal was one moment of calm before the storm, a second to enjoy each others company and the product of our kitchen before offering the experience to guests.

we love eating with the chefs not just because of the food, but also because of the unexpected story it brings forward. the book invites readers to cook the recipes it shares, and also into the kitchen, the ingredients, and the people that bring to life the amazing meals for which the restaurants it features are known. these intimate stories are paired with journalistic photographs and tactful design, artfully balancing beauty and substance. This (cook)book tells a story that celebrates real life, real people, and damn delicious food.