work we like: ZINES.

It’s easy to feel like the majority of the information we get is from some sort of algorithmic feed – huffington post headlines, facebook, twitter, buzzfeed — websites that use mouse clicks to sell ad space. It’s the world we live in— and we are always trying to keep one finger on the pulse. That said, it’s important to us that we step outside those boundaries and find people who are creating content that is both cool and meaningful, regardless of conversion rates. From nationwide movements to one-off creative collaborations in small-print form, we’re stoked to know that there are people out there having conversations we care about.

below, an ode to some of our favorite zines.

food is a space where visuals and sensory experiences come together in a visceral way. there are distinct memories that we create based on our experience with food– it begs a story to be told. put a egg on it tells those stories, bringing us back to food as both a flavor experience, as well as a communal one. plus, ‘putting an egg on it’ is always a good look. so props to them.

we first heard about spook through Warsan shire, WHO WAS A contributing poet to beyonce’s lemonade, AND IS THE POETRY EDITOR FOR SPOOK. this zine is a platform for “emerging narratives and noted storytellers” to shape important conversations around cultural awareness. beyond a dynamic range of both original photography and design, they also DO A REALLY WELL-CURATED MUSICAL SELECTION TO ACCOMPANY EACH ISSUE.

home is a compilation of illustrations, design, and writings on the places and spaces we call ‘home.’ it is such a simple concept– but something about it really just gives us that lovin’ feeling. maybe its the incredible selection of contributors (including purity ring frontwoman megan james), or their simple, fresh design aesthetic. either way, it’s a little slice of home that we can take with us, and for that, we’ll keep reading!

and this ain’t even the tip of the iceberg. the world of zines is one of the few where truly anything is possible- and at a historical moment when times feel trying, it’s pretty cool to know that there are folks out there that stay making lemonade.