work we like: goodbytes.

“we deliver the good food, and not just for thought.”

goodbytes is a seasonal, vegetarian meal delivery service with a philanthropic twist. their mission is simple; to provide healthy lunch alternatives in the workplace, while donating $1 of sales from every box to DonorsChoose.org to help provide better access to technology in Brooklyn public schools.

what draws us to brands like this? more often than not, the way they tell their story. and we don’t mean that in such a literal sense– it’s not about sitting around a proverbial campfire. it’s about how you position your business in the wider world of the living. it’s about how your quantify your value, and your ability to meet needs and solve problems. an effective use of storytelling allows your audience to connect with your brand and to see the value of your brand’s work. from the first chopped vegetable to the brooklyn classroom, goodbytes guides you through an experience, as a consumer, that you want to relate to. so, our hats are tipped to them, and to a damn good lunch.