recent work: workhorse on businessology podcast.

WE DID A THING. A very big thing. We merged with digital marketing agency Decent Workshop, and it’s been quite the journey. Bringing together two independent companies is no easy task— not only did we need to do the work to align our mission and goals, but we also had to think pretty critically about how to put it into practice. It also encouraged us to come to terms with our values as individual professionals, as well as business owners, which was a unique, and honestly pretty rewarding challenge.

We had the *absolute pleasure* of joining Jason Blumer on his Businessology podcast this month to talk about our journey to Workhorse 2.0.  On the show, we talked through our identity process, some of the challenges, and some of the more interesting points in our collaboration to bring this merge to life. You’ll have to take a listen to get the full spectrum, but some of our highlights:


Design and Marketing shouldn’t exist in separate silos. Design isn’t just about making something look pretty— it’s about making a solution effective, relevant, and long-lasting. We sensed a mutual desire to create marketing programs for clients that were driven by strong visual systems— and so it made sense for us to bring together our teams of designers, writers, and strategists to make that happen.

When you pick a plan, you’ve got to commit to it. It’s so easy to call out ideas as they come to you, to acknowledge the collective murmurs of approval, and decide that this idea is now officially in process— but if you don’t commit to seeing it through consistently each day, then an idea it shall stay. (<– ok, so we like Yoda…)

Don’t rush it! When we came together to really do this thing, it was important that we do it carefully and intentionally. We went through a thorough process of discovery, both with each other and with ourselves. We asked hard questions. We listened to each other. Getting to know each other was a huge priority for us. And we believe quite strongly that this is the part you really can’t afford (seriously, money is on the line!) to skip.


Take a listen here:

Listen to “Merging Agencies with Intention with the Partners of Workhorse” on Spreaker.

Ultimately, now that we’ve launched (and celebrated) the new brand, we’re enjoying taking a moment to reflect on all the work we put into this— and how passionate we are about continuing to iterate on what we’ve established to keep this company awesome. Thanks again to the Businessology podcast for having us! If you’re looking for a new podcast to dive into, we’ve loved listening to Businessology in the studio— excellent conversations with interesting people from across marketing and creative industries. Check out their website and have a listen!