Recent Work: Side Hustle

In our business, we are constantly working through different ideas and creative concepts. When the floodgates are constantly open, you’re more than likely to have all kinds of oddball ideas and fun concepts to throw around, with very few outlets to actually see them through. After awhile, we started to wonder—where do all these ideas go, if we can’t fit them into our day-to-day work? Enter Side Hustle, the online shop for everything we want to make when we aren’t working. We launched the shop last month, and our inaugural catalog of gear is a mix of both our designs and the work of our friends, including print zines from The Doldrums and Adam Richard Nelson Hughes’ custom plant stands.



The concept is simple: create an online marketplace to house and sell errant creative ideas. Most of them are ours, but we wanted to open it up to our friends, too—as this is just as much about cultivating a collaborative space for other makers as it is about giving our ideas some room to run.

Ultimately, Side Hustle is about having fun. No muss, no fuss, and no meetings. Besides, making time for creating outside our normal hustles is not only fun, it keeps us sharp. And we get to take our friends along for the ride. Have you shopped our gear yet? Check it out here, and get in touch if you’d like to talk about selling your work through our shop! We’re all ears.