recent work: superfoodsrx art direction

superfoodsrx is a brand dedicated to “helping people discover delicious ways to eat better, stay healthy, and be happy.” you can imagine how thrilled we were to start working with a brand with such a positive mission statement! the last six months of our collaborative process have been steeped pretty heavily in educating ourselves about the nutritional value of the foods they deem “super,” which in and of itself was a large part of the fun. lots of food filled photoshoots weren’t half bad either!

our work with the Superfoodsrx team began with a complete overhaul of their social feeds. we workshopped their brand, both as it was versus how they wanted it to evolve. in the increasingly noisy world of food, nutrition, and wellness, superfoodsrx was looking for a way to bring their expert knowledge to the forefront while avoiding the easy-to-follow paths of fads, trends and false advice. our solution was to create bright, straightforward visuals that emphasize the core 24 superfoods and their ever-powerful sidekicks— zero hoopla, but a little fun too! we play up the natural colors of each ingredient, but also use playful contrast to keep the visuals light, inspirational and own-able. the captions carry key nutritional information forward and tie in that scientific background that the superfoodsrx brand was built on.

take a look at some snapshots of the feeds below– and feel free to follow along in real time!