recent work: priori

priori skincare.
all skin considered.

*new project alert!* we just emerged from a two-month brand workshop with priori, a high-end skincare brand that boasts some seriously science-backed products. having just launched an online shop, they were looking to put a fresh face on their already-established brand, as well as step up their social media game. creative social media strategy just happens to be our superpower, so we were more than game for the challenge.

we established a look and feel that was rooted in the idea that beauty should be nonlinear— it is subjective, dynamic, and self-defined. it is adaptive. it is human. and we really wanted to bring those ideas forward holistically. as we embark on telling priori’s story, we needed to know two things: who are we talking to, and what do they connect with? we wanted to situate priori as a brand that was accessible yet polished, body positive, knowledgable, and ownable; a brand that both connects with its customers, and also is recognized as a thought leader in the skincare space.

the result: a brand style that values youth, but embraces the wisdom that comes with a few extra years of living in your skin. it is a celebration of skin in its myriad forms, and it is also an exploration of how we can rethink our collective definition of good skin and our relationship with our individual skin types.

so, here we are! armed with our brand guide and an arsenal of gorgeous original visuals, we’re ready to release this baby to the world! knowing that brands and voices evolve and grow, we’re super excited about where we’re starting— we’ve crafted a voice you’re going to want to get to know. priori’s instagram has officially launched, so hop on the wagon and follow along!