recent work: environics dc.

Environics is a PR firm based in Canada with a 2nd office in Washington, DC. the dc office is much smaller and younger, with a distinct personality compared to the more traditional canadian side. They came to us looking for a website refresh that reflected their DC work and culture. We worked with them to create a look and feel that was rooted in their creative efforts and was also easy for them to maintain on their own.

Apart from just a general refresh, they also wanted to highlight their content marketing initiatives. We helped them build the basic content they needed, and we focused on a new area of case studies and resource guides that they wanted to bring forward. Now that the website has launched, they are leveraging these tools significantly. The influx of new content has improved their seo rankings, and their white paper resource guides have created opportunities to gain new clients through lead generation. Not to mention, they’ve got a bold and fresh new look that we’ve really enjoyed working on. Can’t beat that!