recent work: decent dumplings.

typically, when we talk about what we’ve been working on, that tends to mean client work. art direction, web design, content creation, editorial… there’s a lot to reflect on. so when it came time for us to plan our open-house, decent dumplings, we decided to have a little fun with our own brand.

decent dumplings was inspired in part by our bi-monthly newsletter T U E S D A Y S. EACH EDITION is a creative conversation, an effort to engage writings, ARTISTS and visuals, and various creative projects happening in the world. our curated ‘lucky 7’ list and accompanying fortune cookies are our own small way of engaging a culture around sharing, and what better way to share than with food? enter decent dumplings.

drawing from chinese aesthetics– both ancient calligraphy and more contemporary graphic design elements– our summer design intern, lauren gorsky, whipped up a pretty amazing invite for us. with a mixture of hand lettering and minimalist design, we dig the dumpling vibe.

ultimately, though this party is not a themed party of any kind– it’s an opportunity to bring our creative exploration offline and share it with our people. so, if you’re in the DC area, please join us on thursday (rsvp here) for some homemade goodies, delicious cocktails, and an extra special edition of our lucky 7.